Beyond Politics: The Opposition’s Role in Restoring Plateau’s Lost Glory

Beyond Politics: The Opposition's Role in Restoring Plateau's Lost Glory

Plateau State is known globally for its remarkable disposition of hospitality and peaceful coexistence which was corrupted by desperate power mongers who corrosively deployed violent strategy of divide and rule to be seen as heroes; plunged the state into needless ethno-religious crises, ferocious nepotism, ethnic superiority, hooliganism and bullying the patriots to achieve their sinister agenda of power securing power and its retention.

While in the day time they chant and advocate for unity and love in the state, in the night they perpetrate Hitlerism and despotic measures to secure or retain power.

 Playing the Ostrich hide and seek and using apostate clergy as willing tools of taking the people to heaven through a political party, they hypnotized their gullible adherents with illusions of rightly approved by God as his politico-prophets which the Holy Scripture never recognizes.  

As the golden fish which has no hiding place, and no matter the thickness of the night, rays of light are seen from a far, the greatest politicians who constitute the opposition in different political parties have inarguably displayed the true crave and consolidation of the Plateau Spirit.

The reaction of the opposition after the Supreme Court’s Judgment which favoured the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, showed that they truly believe in the spirit of Plateau and cherish its unity, peace and progress.

They didn’t take to heart the vicious, undemocratic and inhuman political strategy meted to them by the despotic PDP during electioneering campaigns.


Suffice me to mention, Dr. Patrick Sunday Dakum, the governorship candidate of the Labour Party, was degraded, humiliated and his character assassinated with torrents of lies by the PDP of stepping down to its candidate who was more inferior to him, which he never did.

Consider Dr. Nentawe Yilwada of the All Progressives Congress, APC, who was called with all names such as; a sellout, protégé of Islamic fundamentalism, enemy of Plateau and so on.

Dakum and Yilwada did not use any vulgar against the PDP or its candidate during and after elections because of their political exposure and civility.

In fact, the most injured, Dr. Dakum was the first to congratulate Mutfwang when he was announced victor of the 2023 governorship elections. While Nentawe said he will after exercising all the legal process at the judiciary, and true to his words he did it successfully.

While in court, at the tribunal level, the opposition never called for massive protests, disregard and attack on the judiciary when it lost most of the judgments, likewise when it lost at the Supreme Court. 

All through the judicial process, the opposition depicted the true Plateau spirit of respect, decorum and patience in the time of provocation and respect for the Rule of Law.

As soon as the Supreme Court upheld Mutfwang’s victory, the oppositions joyfully congratulated him not minding the evils done to them, their pride and pains.

Much earlier before the elections, when the PDP lost its supporters in two separate ghastly truck accidents with so many injured, the APC, LP and other parties did not politicized, rather empathized and commiserated with it. 

The opposition truly showed the world that its agenda of restoring Plateau Spirit is genuine.

There is full hope for Plateau restoring its lost glory of hospitality and peaceful co-existence if the opposition holds unto the very spirit it displayed at the 2023 political dispensation and after the Supreme Court’s judgment. And not only the Plateau spirit, but vanquishing the political narrative of hooliganism too.

The European Union observers adjudged Plateau Labour Party during the 2023 elections as the best and most disciplined, which played according to the ethics of the game. Nentawe on the other hand, told his followers not to rig for him, and they obeyed.

The art of rebuilding a damaged society is never an easy task, but achievable with determination, sacrifice, resilience, patience and love, this is what the opposition must continue with to save posterity.

The opposition should brace up and fortify itself with patience, tolerance, resilience and sustainability of the Plateau spirit, because it’s the panacea of our current predicament.

The future peace, progress and unity of Plateau lie with the opposition as Dakum the forerunner and trailblazer, with Nentawe are illuminating the path to achieving such feat.

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