Criminalization Conspiracy of Plateau Women

Criminalization Conspiracy of Plateau Women

The sudden twist in dragging women into the wrong political maneuvers of criminally minded persons in Plateau State by using them to shield criminality using protests is posing a grave danger of metamorphosing the state into criminals’ haven if not nipped in the bud. 

It would be recalled that on Thursday 10th January, 2013, dozens of women came out in Du wearing black protesting against the arrest of nine suspects by soldiers in connection with the murder of two persons.

On 21st September, 2018, dozens of women from Dura Du turned out in black and protested against the army over the evacuation of water from a mining pond in search of General Idris Alkali’s corpse claiming that it was false accusation by the army that the late General’s corpse was deposited there. And that the evacuation of water from the pond will invoke the anger of their ancestral spirits which will place curses on their community. At the end the corpse was found there and the General’s car.

Yesterday, being Friday 5th January, 2024, women in Bokkos protested too over the arrest of some youth over the murder of two Fulani which resulted into burning down of their District Head’s Palace and a Police Station.

The army arrested some Fulani in connection with the Christmas Eve attack, and if they must secure Bokkos and restore peace, every suspect fomenting trouble irrespective of who they are, must be arrested and investigated.

The crime of Murder, kidnapping, onslaught and so on is not exclusive to a particular tribe or religion. Every tribe, religion, race and sex have criminals. 

It is a known fact that marauding Fulani herdsmen have rendered profuse onslaughts on many communities in Plateau, killing, maiming, burning properties and looting too. But that does not exempt some criminal minded indigenes from committing the same crimes.

It were Plateau indigenes who kidnapped and murdered Senator Joshua Dariye’s father.

On 23rd September, 2023, Panyam Ardo, Alhaji Idris Gabdo, was killed and the suspect arrested was an indigene of Mangu, Philip Gokas.

Gabdo’s corpse was buried in Pankshin whereas the crime was committed in Mangu LGA. That could have been a plan for Pankshin to be attacked by Marauders who are lawless, and delight in killing innocent women, men and children in the name of vengeance.


Philip’s act should have been an eye opener that there could be criminals amongst the indigenes who are fans of causing onslaughts against communities walking in disguise in our midst.

Criminality has no tribe and religion but humans who willingly yielded themselves as agents. Therefore, when arrests are made, women must allow the law to take its course, and if they felt the wrong people were arrested, they should get lawyers for them.

The Borno State and South East experience should be grave lessons to every state and region in Nigeria if they love security.

On several occasions defences and shielding of Boko Haram members were made in Borno State until it became Frankenstein Monster that devoured and made them miserable. The same thing with the members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, who got the support of the locals and today are bitterly weeping over their atrocities.

The case of Idris Alkali has proven the women that protested wrong and the arrest of the Ardo killer has also proven that there are criminals among the indigenes of Plateau. Hence, for enduring peace and security on the Plateau criminals must be exposed by both Fulani and indigenes to the agencies. 

Criminals will multiply and grow worsely if they are being defended, and they will constitute nuisance to the public.

I am not saying that those arrested in Bokkos actually killed the two Fulani or not, but the level at which women are being used to defend suspects is scary and can lead to Borno and South East experience if not stopped.

Women should know that they and children are hugely and badly affected whenever there are crises and onslaughts on communities. As such, they must take extra care not to encourage criminality in whatever guise.

If Plateau must be free from onslaughts and crises, the issues must be approached objectively with open mindedness without ethnicity, religiosity and political inclination. And whoever is found wanting must face the wrath of the law.

Whoever is arrested, should clear himself and not to be shielded with protests by women.

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