As the world observes International Day of Elimination of Violence against Women embedded in 16 days of activism against Gender-Based Violence which ensue from November 25 to December 10, Plateau State Labour Party, LP, governorship candidate in the 2023 general elections, who also is the Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Human Virology Nigeria, IHVN, Dr. Patrick Sunday Dakum, has lent his voice in advocating expedite action to end all forms of violence against women.

Dakum said disenchantment with domestic violence against women and the need for a better society spurred him into being a lead discussant on Home Front, a programme meant for the family presented by Plateau Radio Television Cooperation (PRTVC) in the nineties.

And that during his electioneering campaigns, he spoke intensively on having a policy of safeguarding women from all forms of violence, domestic brutality and gender-based disparities if elected.

He lamented over the skyrocketing violence and femicides against women in all fronts, condemning the vices of: domestic assaults, genital mutilation as tradition in many cultures, girl-child marriage, absconding paternal responsibilities at home by men, leaving the responsibilities to their wives, girl-child trafficking, rape, ritual sacrifices, abuse of widows, political oppression and girl-child hawking instead of attending school meted to the female folks.

Dakum applauded the 2023 theme for Gender-based violence: Accelerating Actions to End Gender-Based Violence & Femicide Leaving No One Behind.

According to him, women deserve all forms of better treatment from the male folks being mothers of the society, saying lives come through women who devote most of their time and energy nursing babies, training them and watching them grow into child and adulthood.

He said since procreation comes through women, likewise nursing and training babies, women deserve to be given adequate empowerment for proper upkeep of offspring because empowering the woman, is empowering the nation. And that they deserve the 13% affirmative slots of all elective positions in the country.

Dakum called on government at all levels to eradicate slothfulness towards ending Gender-Based Violence for a better society.

He also commented on the sub theme of the GBV, Safe Access for Women to Clean Water, a Basic Right, saying water is life.

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According to him, women deserve clean water for domestic chores and healthy family to avoid spending on ill health bred by contaminated water. Hence, the government at all levels should make clean water supply a serious priority to stem water borne diseases.

Finally, he called on all hands to be on deck to end all forms of violence and femicideagainst women. He said, “Ending gender-based violence is a precondition for meeting the challengess of reducing poverty, promoting well-mannered society and development,, and building good governance.”

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