I am highly experienced than Akpabio-Ndume

I am highly experienced than Akpabio-Ndume

I am highly experienced than Akpabio-Ndume. Senator Ali Ndume has claimed that he is more experienced than Senate President Godswill Akpabio on parliamentary matters.

Ndume, who is the Chief Whip of the upper legislative chamber, has been leading a charge against Akpabio’s Senate leadership, which has caused uproar in the Senate.

Ndume was Akpabio’s campaign manager during his bid for Senate Presidency in June, but he has since criticized Akpabio’s leadership and called for a change.

Despite Ndume’s endorsement of Akpabio, he has distanced himself from Akpabio’s mistakes and has threatened to take drastic action against him.

Senator Ali Ndume, a prominent figure in Nigerian politics, has been a senator since 2011. His tenure spans over a decade, granting him a wealth of experience in legislative affairs.

This seasoned background positions Ndume as a formidable force in the Senate.

Speaking on Channels Television Sunday Politics on Sunday, the Borno federal lawmaker said he is not working against Akpabio or seeking to remove him from office since he cannot damage the home he created.

In light of the recent incident on the Senate floor in which Akpabio ruled him out of order while attempting to correct the Senate President, Ndume said Akpabio should have asked him for a one-on-one meeting.

He believes that a Senate President should not override his Chief Whip.

Ndume, on the other hand, stated that he left the chamber after being declared out of order—not out of rage, but because it was time to pray. He went on to say that people should not take the situation out of context.

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“My issue is how he handled the situation, and what happened the last time was misinterpreted or taken out of context.” Remember that I battled here and pushed for Akpabio? “You can’t build a house and then demolish it,” Ndume explained.

“The main issue is that I have more experience than him.” When I attempted to correct him, he said, “You don’t overrule your chief whip.”

“At that time, he was supposed to invite me then we would talk more one-on-one, but he took advantage of the gavel and it was 12:30 pm and I needed to go and pray.” I am highly experienced than Akpabio-Ndume

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