NANS Faction ‘Attack’ National Hospital Abuja

NANS Faction ‘Attack’ National Hospital Abuja

NANS Faction ‘Attack’ National Hospital Abuja. Chaos erupted on Friday as a faction of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) stormed the National Hospital in Abuja, targeting two injured members from a rival faction.

Reports from indicate that the two individuals were receiving medical attention for injuries sustained in a prior clash between the opposing factions.

The violent attack led to the evacuation of several patients from their hospital wards and beds, creating a tense atmosphere.

Swift intervention by police officers helped regain control, with authorities securing the National Hospital premises and dispersing the rioting NANS members to restore order.

As reported by The PUNCH, the police presence was heightened in the Central Area where the hospital and the International Conference Centre are situated on Friday.

Security sources revealed that a dispute had erupted between the NANS factions on Thursday, escalating into violent clashes on Friday, resulting in injuries and hospitalizations.

The two injured NANS members were admitted to the National Hospital for medical care. Members of the opposing faction, upon learning of their location, attempted to attack them, prompting the storming of the hospital.

Meanwhile, credible intelligence led the Department of State Services to intercept some NANS members on Thursday, recovering two pump-action guns and cartridges from them as they were en route to a convention.

In the aftermath of the attack on the National Hospital, major roads leading to the ICC and the National Hospital were deserted, with the police cordoning off sections of the highway.

When contacted about the situation on Friday night, Dr. Tayo Haastrup, the spokesperson for the National Hospital, confirmed the attack, highlighting that the intruders aimed to assault the injured members undergoing treatment.

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) is a prominent organization representing the interests of students across the country. Established to advocate for the rights and welfare of Nigerian students.

 NANS has a significant influence on the national stage. However, like any organization, internal disputes and factionalism can emerge, leading to discord among its members.

As the dust settled on the events at the National Hospital, the aftermath left a community in shock and raised pertinent questions about the role of student organizations in society.

The public response to the incident varied, with calls for a thorough investigation into the root causes of the internal strife within NANS and concerns about the potential for similar clashes in the future.

The clash at the National Hospital involving factions of the National Association of Nigerian Students shines a spotlight on the challenges faced by student organizations in maintaining internal cohesion.

It also underscores the need for a thorough examination of the factors contributing to such conflicts and the potential consequences for public safety.

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