Nigeria roads are bad that’s why we option for SUV – Senate

Nigeria roads are bad that’s why we option for SUV - Senate

Nigeria roads are bad that’s why we option for SUV – Senate. The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Services, Sunday Karimi, defended the purchase of the 2023 models of Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Prado for 469 members of the National Assembly.

Nigeria’s roads have long been a source of frustration for its citizens. Potholes, lack of maintenance, and inadequate expansion have made travel a tedious endeavour.

Karimi argues that, given this reality, providing reliable vehicles for lawmakers is not only reasonable but necessary.

Karimi raises a valid point by drawing attention to the fact that ministers often possess expensive vehicles. These purchases are rarely met with public outcry. He questions why the National Assembly should be treated differently.

The practice of providing vehicles for public officials is not unique to the National Assembly alone. State houses of assembly and local government chairmen also receive such benefits.

Karimi points out that this is a standard procedure that ensures officials can effectively carry out their duties.

The Nigerian Senate has blamed the poor state of Nigerian roads for their decision to purchase N40bn SUVs. According to the senators, the durability and ability of the SUVs to withstand the poor road conditions in Nigeria were the reasons for their choice.

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The senators argued that the poor state of Nigerian roads forces lawmakers to spend significantly on their vehicles whenever they travel to their constituencies.

However, this decision has been criticized by many Nigerians who believe that the money could have been better spent on improving the country’s infrastructure and healthcare system.

Despite Karimi’s defence, the public remains divided. Critics argue that in a time of economic hardship, such extravagant spending sends the wrong message to the public.

The Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) have even taken legal action to halt the procurement of these vehicles.

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