Breaking: Nigerian Army Attacked Adamawa Police HQ

Nigerian Army Attacked Adamawa Police HQ

Yola, noted for its calm, was witness to an unexpected incident when the police headquarters was attacked by Nigerian Army men. The ferocity of the confrontation was underscored in early reports, with both sides reporting casualties.

The police force swiftly responded, condemning the attack and expressing condolences for the fallen officer. The Commissioner of Police, Afolabi Babatola, ordered an immediate investigation to ensure justice and restore peace to the area.

SP Suleiman Nguroje, the police spokesman in Adamawa State, stated in a statement made available to media on Wednesday morning that the conflict between police and military officials began near Target Junction in Yola, the state’s capital.

“The Commissioner of Police, Afolabi Babatola, has strongly condemned the recent conflict between police and military officers along Target Junction, Yola North Local Government Area, which resulted in an exchange of fire and a brutal attack on the police facility, resulting in the death of Inspector Jacob Daniel,” he said..

“Consequently, the CP has ordered an immediate investigation into the matter with a view to ensuring peace and justice.”

Brigadier General Gambo Mohammed, the Brigade Commander of 23 Brigade in Yola, presented a different narrative. He refuted the police’s claims, stating that the soldiers were forced to retaliate when the police opened fire on them at a checkpoint.

The soldiers’ goal, according to the Brigade Commander, was to rescue a colleague who had been shot by police. When attempts to get the injured soldier were met with police gunfire, the situation escalated.

In response to the conflicting narratives, the police initiated an immediate investigation, emphasizing the need for accountability. Calls were made for both military and police personnel to be held responsible for their actions during the clash.

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Efforts to reconcile the two entities were put in motion, aiming to de-escalate tension and restore a working relationship between the military and the police. Communication channels were opened to facilitate resolution and bring normalcy back to Yola.

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