Reps stepdown Bill Making University Degree Minimum Qualification for President, Govs

Reps stepdown Bill Making University Degree Minimum Qualification for President, Govs

Reps stepdown Bill Making: University Degree Minimum Qualification for President, Govs

The House of Representatives has stepped down from consideration of a bill aimed at amending the 1999 Constitution to revise the educational requirements for eligibility for certain political offices. Introduced by Adewunmi Onanuga and representing the Ikenne/Salami/Remo North Federal Constituency of Ogun State.

The proposed legislation sought to establish minimum educational qualifications for candidature in gubernatorial, presidential, and other significant elective positions within the nation.

During the plenary session on Tuesday, Onanuga argued for amending the current constitutional provision, which permits individuals with a First School Leaving Certificate to contest the highest offices in the country, advocating instead for a requirement of a university degree or its equivalent.

Although the bill received support from several lawmakers, including House Leader Julius Ihonvbere, Babajimi Benson, Kingsley Chinda, and others, opposition emerged from legislators such as Aliyu Madaki of Kano State and Ahmadu Jaha of the APC representing Borno State, among others, who objected to the proposed alteration. As a result, the bill was set aside with the consent of the House.

Expressing disappointment, Onanuga decided to withdraw the bill, vowing to engage in further lobbying efforts with her colleagues to garner more support before reintroducing it on the floor of the House at a later time.

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“It seems that some of our colleagues require additional persuasion. Therefore, I propose to withdraw the bill for the time being,” she remarked.

Further details will be provided later.

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