Stop Blackmailing the Judiciary – FG warns Politicians

Stop Blackmailing the Judiciary – FG warns Politicians

Stop Blackmailing the Judiciary – FG warns Politicians. The Federal Government led by Bola Tinubu has issued a caution to politicians, advising them against attempting to tarnish the reputation of the country’s judiciary.

Lateef Fagbemi (SAN), the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, conveyed this warning during a press briefing at his residence in Ijagbo community, Kwara State, on Friday.

Fagbemi urged politicians who were unsuccessful in the 2023 election not to resort to baseless attacks on the judiciary.

He emphasized the importance of accepting election outcomes with a sense of responsibility, discouraging any attempts to undermine the integrity of the judges.

Fagbemi highlighted that individuals with credible evidence against a judge should present their case rather than making unsupported accusations.

In his words, “If you faced setbacks at the tribunal, Appeal Court, and the Supreme Court, yet insinuate foul play, it is crucial to accept the verdict not just legally but also morally. Judges, being human, may err. However, anyone alleging a perversion of justice should provide concrete evidence instead of making baseless insinuations.”

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Fagbemi emphasized that he would not yield to blackmail unless substantiated evidence is presented, assuring that no judge involved in wrongdoing would be shielded.

He concluded by noting the subjective nature of opinions about judgments, with winners praising them and losers often questioning their fairness unless convinced otherwise by the verdict.

Additionally, the minister emphasized the negative impact of making baseless insinuations, stating, “When you make unfounded insinuations, you are dragging the name of the nation in the mud.”

He further encouraged Nigerians to afford President Bola Tinubu the opportunity to bring about positive changes to the country. Fagbemi highlighted Tinubu’s focus on long-term benefits rather than immediate gains and urged patience in assessing the outcomes of his efforts.

Fagbemi stated, “I appeal to all and sundry to give him the chance. President Tinubu is committed to the task at hand.

Although the challenges in Nigeria were not of his making, he remains undeterred. He is not a novice; he has a track record from his previous leadership in Lagos State, albeit acknowledging the distinctions between Lagos and the entire nation.”

The minister noted President Tinubu’s proactive approach since taking office, actively seeking investor collaboration and receiving positive responses.

He emphasized the need for patience, likening the process to planting a tree that takes time to bear fruit. Stop Blackmailing the Judiciary – FG warns Politicians

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