VeryDarkMan reacts to Tunde Ednut Instagram ban

VeryDarkMan reacts to Tunde Ednut Instagram ban

VeryDarkMan reacts to Tunde Ednut Instagram ban. The renowned Nigerian blogger and promoter Tunde Ednut has faced a significant setback as his verified Instagram page, with over 7 million followers, was taken down due to massive reporting of the page.

This incident prompted a strong reaction from the activist known as VeryDarkBlackMan, who claimed responsibility for the ban, saying it was due to promoting his video that made them report his account.

In a video that he posted on his social media pages, VeryDarkBlackMan expressed that Tunde Ednut’s Instagram ban was born as a result of him reposting his videos.

He alleged that numerous Nigerians had reported Ednut’s account due to the blogger’s habit of sharing VeryDarkBlackMan’s content on his platform, which gave him more popularity.

The VeryDarkBlackMan pointed out that Ednut had been supportive in promoting his videos that called out public figures like Jenny’s Glow, Nkechi Blessing, Mohbad’s wife, and addressed Mr. Ibu’s health concerns.

These actions, according to VeryDarkBlackMan, have caused many to report Ednut’s account, which leads to the account being ban by instagram.

VeryDarkBlackMan says that Ednut is not merely an individual but a community of followers who have benefited from his presence; therefore, reporting his account won’t stop anything. Tunde Ednut make the account, not that account made him.

He acknowledged Ednut’s positive influence on numerous individuals and the impact he made on many individuals.

VeryDarkBlackMan expressed his dismay at the backlash Ednut faced due to his association with him. He pointed out that Ednut had actively supported political figures like Peter Obi and had played a significant role in empowering the youth of Nigeria.

Sharing a screenshot of a message sent to Ednut after his account was suspended, VeryDarkBlackMan demonstrated the gravity of the situation. He further stated the need for unity and support within the online community.

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